Cancellation/Return Policy

Canceling an order:

Honda Parts Store only allows orders that have not shipped yet to be canceled. To cancel an order, please contact us with your full name, order number, reason for canceling, and the part or parts you want to cancel. A fee will apply to order cancellations.  Cancellation fees are typically 6% but may be up to 25% of the original price depending on the cost for us to process your original transaction.

Credit card companies receive their percentage of the transaction regardless of order cancellation. Thus, if you want to cancel an order the fee is what they take on the transaction, which is 3%.  In addition, we charge 3% for our time to process the cancellation in our shipping and accounting departments, for a total of 6% minimum on cancelled orders.

It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure the parts you are ordering are correct. Please review the order carefully before checking out. If you are unsure about an item, please contact us to confirm the parts in your cart are the correct ones for your vehicle. We are happy to assist you.

There is no exception to the 6% minimum fee for cancellations.

Special order items can not be cancelled and are non-returnable.

Return Policy

HondaPartsStore.Com Return Policy & Procedure

  • No Returns on orders placed over 30 days.
  • ALL RETURNS are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. We are not responsible for parts looked up incorrectly.
  • All returns must be returned in the original factory packaging, with the factory part number label still attached in original condition.
  • Freight charges & handling fees are non-refundable.


    On the order confirmation page it displays how you looked up the order. Your order will display if you used a vin number, selected the vehicle from the drop down boxes, or just typed part numbers. If you order the incorrect part and you did not use a vin number your request for return will be denied.

    Non-Returnable Parts

    The following parts are Not refundable under any circumstance:
    • Air Bags
    • Seat Belts and Buckles
    • Wire Harnesses
    • ECU / Control Units
    • Small attaching parts such as nuts, bolts, screws, clips, etc.
    • COLOR Coded Interior / Exterior Parts
    • Radios, DVD Players, etc.
    • Electrical Items
    • These parts should be checked for accuracy prior to ordering. A VIN Number is Required to verify you are getting the part for your specific vehicle. Once you have obtained your VIN Number call (800) 228-1530 and a Technical Support Representative will make sure you are ordering the correct part for your vehicle.

      Damaged / Missing Parts

      Please examine your parts and make sure everything is in your order, and that everything is free from defects and damages. All damaged parts or missing parts must be reported via email within 2 days of receiving your order so we may resolve any issues you may be having. Damaged parts must be saved to be called back via the shipping carrier for inspection. To further expedite the process we ask you to take some digital pictures of your damaged part(s) so we may forward those pictures to the shipping carrier for inspection. Please email your pictures to


      Requests for returns must be submitted to THE EMAIL REQUEST MUST HAVE BASIC INFORMATION SUCH AS YOUR ORDER NUMBER, DATE ORDERED, & THE PART(S) YOU ARE REQUESTING TO RETURN. Your order will be either approved or denied based on the info you provided in your email. You will be emailed a RMA Number if your request is approved. (The Return Authorization Number is a saved invoice in our system. This allows us to process the Invoice as soon as the return arrives and credit your card within minutes.) Print out the Return Form. Fill out the form completely and you must sign and return the form with your part. A signed Return Authorization Form is mandatory with every return NO EXCEPTIONS. Returns must be shipped back within 14 days. If we receive your order after 14 days you will be responsible for shipment back as your order will be denied.

      Be sure to read and follow all instructions and tips on this page and on the return form. We can't refund items damaged during shipping to us.

      Once any item is installed it is yours. Installed items will not be accepted for return. There is no such thing as a test installation. If it has been bolted on, attached, plugged in or installed in any other way it is not returnable. Installed items are still covered by warranty against manufacturing defects.
      Insure the package for the full value of the enclosed item(s) and use signature tracking (the post offices delivery confirmation only confirms that a package was delivered to a zip code, not a specific address)
      Inspect all items before shipping and notify us of any damaged or missing items. It may be necessary to package the item inside another box for shipping to avoid damage during the return trip. Many times the packing is sufficient for the item to arrive undamaged after being shipped once, however it won't hold up to being shipped a second time.
      All returns are inspected prior to processing the refund. If items are missing or are not in returnable condition you will be notified via email. The items that we are unable to refund can either be disposed of or returned to you.
      Please allow 1-2 weeks for return to be inspected and processed after it is received here. Refunds can take up to 7-10 days for your credit card company to show them after we submit the refund.
      We are not responsible for any shipping costs for returned parts. We will not ship out call tags for returned parts.
      We pay return shipping only on items where it is an error on our part. (For example the item shipped was not the item or quantity listed on your order confirmation page) Contact Us and we will take care of it.